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We were looking for a solution to keeping our Falcon 900 looking great. Friend of a friend introduced me to Top Flight Supplies. Scott and Joe flew out to our hangar and evaluated our aging paint. I booked them on the spot. We have been using TFS Titanium and Top Flight Detailing about every two years now and for 8 years and the paint is still great. It came time for our 12 year inspection. The owner thought that the paint looks so good, he would delay a new paint job for another 6 years. We will get at least 18 years out of our paint only because we have Top Flight Supplies products and Top Flight Detailing keeping it looking perfect. The crew really knows how to buff out the paint and apply the TFS Titanium protection. After being on the road for 2 weeks outside, mostly just a water rinse is all we need to get the black streaks off the paint. Now our Citations and King Air’s are using Top Flight products to keep up with the Falcon 900 in the hangar.

Jeff Hansen
Aircraft Services LLC

Before I started using Top Flight Supplies products we were trying everything to remove stains, bugs and everyday grime. Joe at Top Flight Detailing, also explained that what we were using at the time was removing any paint protectant that we had applied. We still have TFS Titanium applied each year but I feel it is lasting longer now that we use a better every day cleaner.

The amount of product you get for the money can’t be beat. I maintain two Hawkers and use the products every day.

I like the fact that there are no aerosols or harsh chemicals.

I feel maintaining the aircraft appearance on a daily basis is easier with Top Flight Supplies.

The main reason I would recommend Top Flight Supplies products is cost and ease of use.

I use the products for everything around the hangar as well as interior cleaning.

Bob Moffett
JBS Flight Department
Aviation Maintenance Manager


My name is Gary Cutsforth, and I'm responsible for a small, part 91 flight department.  In 2016, I was told about a product that would protect the paint on our King Air 250, TFS TITANIUM.  I'm rather fastidious regarding the aircraft under my charge, and believed this to be a wise use of funds in preventive maintenance. During the phase inspection that was being conducted that fall, I had the maintenance facility apply this product.  How do the kids say it today...OMG!  I could not believe the aircraft in front of me was the same one!  New paint, that has always been kept clean, is nice.  New paint that has had Titanium applied, UTTERLY REMARKABLE!  With a wet rag and drying cloth, my two kids can clean the exhaust path of the King Air in a very short amount of time.  I consider this to be one of the best preventive maintenance maneuvers that year.

Fast forward 13 months, November 2017 .  We've just acquired the nicest deHavilland Beaver in existence.  Talking to a great friend of mine that has personally worked with Scott and Joe, he recommended I swing by Englewood, CO., on the way home, and have Top Flight Detailing "take care" of the new ride.  Communication with Scott was made, and a plan was set.  On the established date, I arrived in Englewood from the Minneapolis/St. Paul area, and handed over the Beaver to the awaiting team.  During the handover briefing, I again emphasized that perfection would be the acceptable minimum standard, and that I have been blessed with an extra dose of OCD, and have a Master's Degree in Picking Fly Crap Out of the Pepper Shaker!  Both Scott and Joe reassured me that my expectation "is our modus operandi."  Very well.

To the whole world that reads this, what I gave them was a deHavilland Turbo Beaver on Amphibs.  From the top of the wing fourteen feet up in the air, to the keel strip on the bottom of the pontoons; from the propeller spinner, to the rudder; the Green Berets of Top Flight Detailing transformed the appearance of this flying machine, from that of "wow, that's nice", to that of an AWE INSPIRING WORK OF ART!  My expectations were met, and then exceeded!  Not one rivet had soot behind it, nor did the bottom of the floats show evidence of ever being in water.  The ceramic process (TFS PLATINUM) that was used, best way we could have gone!  The depth of the red and silver is utterly amazing!  I thank you Joe, for that conversation.  

I'm now home in Alaska, having made stops in Hayden, CO.-Boise, ID.-Bellingham, WA.-Ketchikan and Yakutat, AK, and receiving many a compliment on the "New Paint", ” Great looking plane".  All compliments, thanks to the crew of Top Flight Detailing.

Bravo, gentlemen of Top Flight Detailing! Bravo!
Gary Cutsforth, Aviation Manager
Cruz Construction, Inc.


“After spending more than five hours one Saturday working on a single panel and failing to get the desired finish, Terry finally metaphorically and literally threw in the towel. “I talked with Joe Banks at Top Flight Aircraft Detailing. He had never done an entire airplane before but was eager to try. I was surprised at how much of an art form polishing can be.” With Joe’s help, Terry was able to get Miss Ruby to the desired mirror finish. When Terry took delivery of the airplane and went to push it out of the hangar, Charlie
Harris stopped him. “Never, ever, touch it with your bare hands,” Charlie warned him. “Now I see why,” Terry says and laughs. “Keeping the finish maintained is a full-time job.”



Our in-house guys could not keep up with the levels of oxidation on our fleet. The buffing and cleaner wax was just a waste of time and money at the end of the day. Started looking for a professional solution to our chalky paint. Friend of a friend introduced me to Top Flight Detailing and Top Flight Supplies. Joe and Scott flew out the next week and evaluated our fleet of Falcons, Citations and King Airs. Could not believe what a difference it made to remove oxidation and then treat the paint- almost like new! Six months later after being in SE Asia for two weeks in the rain and smog, came back to the shop and pretty much just rinsed the Falcon off. TFS TITANIUM did such a good job of protecting and sealing the paint scrubbing was not necessary.

The King Air 200 owner was convinced a paint job was imminent due to the levels of oxidation and the faded colors. After Joe and his team was through, the aircraft can go another 10 years. Cleaning the exhaust off the King Air cowls after TFS TITANIUM is a 6 minute job now. We have done four aircraft already and working on scheduling two more.

Jeff Hansen
Aircraft Services LLC
Chief Pilot and Manager


I have had the pleasure to do business with this amazing group for eleven year! They are the true meaning of being a professional. They have come up to Casper Wyoming every year to detail our Pilatus PC-12 aircraft, Hawker 800xp and 900xp and Bombardier Challenger 300. The crew that shows up is very friendly, knowledgeable and hardworking!

Pilatus aircraft are known for the exhaust stains, because of this wonderful group we have no stains on the original paint from 2003 and 2007. When they finish with the aircraft they look brand new!  I recommend the TFS TITANIUM paint protection to every aircraft owner, the cost is an investment in the aircraft.

We have a Cessna 172 that was left outside on the ramp from 1978 to 2015 in California. I recommended a new paint job for the aircraft. I had Top Flight Detailing look it over during our annual visit just to see what they thought. They ended up doing the TFS TITANIUM paint protection, IT LOOKS FANTASTIC!  I have seen firsthand the quality of the work they do, but I was amazed they were able to rejuvenate the paint on the aircraft.  

Rusty Hessler
Business Aviators, Inc.
Director of Maintenance